• Academic Institute: An event at the beginning of fall semester to welcome minority engineering  students. MEET holds discussions on what the organization has to offer and what it takes to succeed at both Rutgers and the School of Engineering. There is also a panel for students to ask questions and receive advice on resources and opportunities that will ease their transition into college and aid them in a successful first year.


  • Achiever's Plus: MEET holds study sessions for our members on a weekly basis where we reserve rooms specifically for members and provide tutors for a variety of subjects.


  • Study Jams: Apart from Achiever's Plus, MEET holds multiple study jams during the school year, especially midterms and finals, where anyone is welcomed to join us in an open study session with free food.


  • MEET also provides our members with opportunities for continued education, research, and scholarships.

Community Service

  • MEET prides itself on being culturally responsible and giving back to the community, both locally and within other areas. We participate in the Rutger's Big Chill, host a charity date auction, and many more other things.


  • During the 2014-2015 academic year, we began selling our Black Lives MatteR t-shirts. The proceeds from those shirts went to students in Ferguson.


  • Big Brother/Big Sister: Throughout the fall and spring semester, a mentorship program goes on between the upper and lowerclassmen of the organization. Lowerclassmen shadow the upperclassmen within categories such as professionalism and even social wise. The bonds that the pairs create are encouraged to last, and surely do, beyond the two semesters that they are paired together.


  • High School Outreach: Twice during the academic year, once during the fall semester and then again during the spring semester, the Minority Engineering Educational Task brings in approximately fifty high schoolers - preferably juniors and seniors - to learn about Rutgers and STEM, specifically engineering. The students participate in various workshops from majority of the engineering disciplines and engage with collegiate students on various occasions, such as during the collegiate panel. The overnight program begins on a Thursday evening and ends on a Sunday morning. Students house with a collegiate student during their stay at the university


  • Alumni Mentorship Program: We pair members up with alumni of MEET to mentor them throughout their college career, as well as aid them as they approach the transitioning of collegiate life to entering the professional world.


  • Alumni Panels and Presentations: Alumni host the general body meetings and other presentations throughout the year, as well as a panel, to answer any questions on how they made it through Rutgers, what the organization did for them, etc.


  • MEET participates in numerous competitions, both on Rutgers campus, locally, and at NSBE conferences. Competitions that we compete in include Boeing Flight, Hack-RU, NSBE Hack-A-Thon, and NSBE Speak Your Fire.


  • The executive board of the organization attends the NSBE Regional Leadership Conference during the summer prior to the academic year where they attend various workshops and network with the executive boards of other NSBE chapters as well.


  • The executive board and members of the chapter attend three NSBE conferences within the academic year to network, celebrate the successes of the individual chapters, and attend career fairs, workshops, and seminars: Fall Regional Conference, New Jersey Zone Conference, and Annual National Convention.


  • The organization goes on monthly outings to maintain the bond and family atmosphere between members. The outings also adds fun into the organization and something that the members can look forward to between the professionalism and educational focus. Outings inlude: paintballing, bowling, movie nights, BBQs, and an annual ski trip.


  • Collegiate Outreaches: MEET performs outreaches within the membership to prepare members for bigger competitions outside of the organization. Also, to assure that members are techincally sound within the engineering background.


  • K-12 Outreaches: MEET also preforms outreaches at local, as well as throuhgout New Jersey, schools such as Piscataway HS and Willingboro HS. We also perform outreaches to students that come to Rutgers during Young Engineers Day, Rutgers Day, etc.


  • As a professional organization, MEET assures that our members are professionally prepared for interviews, etc. We do this by hosting number professional weeks in preparation for career fairs and conferences, as well as by bringing companies in to take with our members. Professional programs that MEET hosts include professional headshots, resume building, resume critiquing, mock interviews, etiquette dinners, etc.

Our Meetings


Paul Robeson Cultural Center

600 Bartholomew Rd, Piscataway, NJ 08854



7:30 - 8:45pm


  • Advisor:

    • Candiece A. White

    • Assistant Dean for Student Services

    • B110 Engineering Building


    • 848-445-2687

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